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Drug addiction is a serious condition in Moyle that can impact many individuals' lives, making every day a struggle. Drug rehab clinics help individuals get back on their feet and recover from their addictions.

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Not every drug addiction is the same, so our experienced team conducts an in-depth drug addiction assessment to understand the underlying causes and severity of your problem fully.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment can help you find a new lease on life, free from drugs, depression, and denial. Contact our team of qualified therapists if you are ready to start your recovery journey.

Benefits of Drug Rehab

There are many benefits of entering a drug rehab; these include:

  • Feeling a sense of community and gaining a support system.

  • Being held accountable for your actions and behaviours.

  • Gaining a structure to your day that deviates from destructive patterns of behaviour.

  • Improving your physical and mental health issues.

  • Learning more about your triggers and coping strategies.

  • Removing yourself from toxic environments and people.

  • Accessing aftercare programme and relapse prevention treatment options.

Residential rehabilitation separates you from illegal drugs and substance abuse; it creates a drug-free environment to withdraw from your vices and recover safely.

Our supportive therapists understand how difficult it is to break a drug problem; however, with their help, medically assisted detoxes, and group therapy, you can free yourself from addiction.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

Drug rehab clinics cost around £2,000-£3,000 per week on average.

Get a Price for your Bespoke Treatment

The accurate cost of your residential treatment for drug addiction will depend on the following:

  • The length of your stay

  • The distance from your home in Moyle

  • The severity of your drug addiction

  • The number of therapy sessions and treatment options needed

  • The package you choose

  • Any medication you require to ease symptoms

Contact our team of experienced addiction recovery specialists to learn more about the cost of staying at one of our luxury facilities.

Types of Drug Rehab

There are many different forms of rehab for those looking to overcome drug addiction; these include inpatient and outpatient drug rehab.

Our qualified team performs a complete drug addiction assessment to assess what drug treatment options best suit your condition.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process in a residential treatment centre allows patients to focus on their recovery without any temptation or distractions. Drug rehabilitation is a supportive and safe environment that enhances the likelihood of recovery without relapse.

Unlike an outpatient drug rehab, patients receive treatment within the private rehab centre and do not go home until their treatment plan has been completed. Patients receive holistic and alternative therapy sessions alongside other treatment options.

Alongside therapy sessions, you will receive workshops to learn coping strategies to help you manage your life in the real world without needing drugs.

Our luxury rehab facility offers a gym and spa with complimentary treatments, a steam room, a sauna, professional trainers, well-being exercise classes, and more. You can start your healing process in the comfort of a premium and private rehab clinic.

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Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient treatment for drug addiction is considered a less intense option than entering a residential centre. Private rehab treatment options vary depending on the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction; however, it is recommended that individuals attend treatment every day, to begin with.

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You can access effective treatment in Moyle from our addiction experts while in outpatient treatment, and the cost is lower for this form of rehabilitation. Patients will receive a free addiction assessment to check their family history, drug use, and overall physical and mental health.

Our patients will receive bespoke plans to help treat addiction and start drug detox; whether you struggle with an addiction to prescription drugs or opioids, we have experience with every form of substance abuse and can help you recover.

What Are The Most Common Drug Addictions?

We handle many different kinds of drug addiction at our premium private rehab centre. We have experience treating the following drug and alcohol addictions:

  • Alcohol

  • Nicotine

  • Marijuana

  • Prescription opioids

  • Benzodiazepines

  • Cocaine

  • Stimulants

  • Hallucinogens

  • Sleeping tablets

  • Illicit opioids

If you struggle with any drug use in Moyle, we can help. Our drug rehab programmes are designed to suit each patient's needs; we create bespoke treatment options to find the best route to recovery.

We can also help with gambling addiction and other behavioural addictions. If you would like to receive help, please contact our admissions team today.

Help for Drug Addiction

There are many treatments available for drug addiction; we offer the following therapy sessions and drug addiction treatment options:

12-Step Journey to Recovery

12 step programmes are designed to take you through the stages of recovery through group therapy sessions. Some treatment programmes are linked to religion; however, there has been a shift to support a broad range of individuals through similar steps.

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Communities such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous allow individuals with drug addiction to combat their drug use issues. Certain steps that are focused on include soul-searching, admitting your failures, and making amends.

Our drug addiction treatment plans support 12-step programmes and incorporate group therapy where possible. Support groups are beneficial in a private rehab as you are surrounded by individuals experiencing the same struggles.

Detox Programmes

Detoxing removes toxic substances, such as narcotics, from your body. All detoxes at our luxury rehab are medically assisted, and you may be given certain medications to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Once your body is free from substances, we will introduce private addiction treatment focusing on causes and triggers for your addictive drug use. The supportive clinical environment will help patients withdraw safely.

Our smart recovery process focuses on long-term recovery as we understand sobriety is lifelong. We build your self-esteem so you can envision a positive life far away from drugs.

Private Drug Rehab in

Online Rehab

Online rehabilitation allows individuals seeking an independent treatment plan to access free aftercare and therapies. Our addiction specialists deliver the drug treatment, so there is no compromise on the quality of care.

The private drug addiction treatment is delivered via your online devices, such as a phone or computer, and you can explore interactive lessons, therapy sessions, and one-to-one meetings.

There are various reasons why an individual may prefer online drug addiction treatment rather than inpatient, but any of our private addiction rehab options will provide quality help. We have experience treating all forms of addiction, including prescription drug addiction.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

CBT is a therapeutic intervention that provides drug addiction treatment based on the idea that addiction is formed via a series of deeply integrated thoughts and beliefs. Often, through CBT, individuals link their addiction to mental illness or past experiences with abuse.

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Destructive thoughts may make it feel as though recovery is impossible. With CBT addiction and mental heatlh treatment, therapists help you work through irrational and problematic preconceptions that may hinder your addiction recovery.

Our CBT experts conduct an in-depth drug addiction assessment to help them understand your background and find the right way to battle your illness.

We can also provide aftercare services via zoom so you can access from your home in Moyle.

Support Groups

Support groups are a popular rehabilitation programme for both outpatient and residential treatment centres, as it allows those who seek treatment to share their experience and learn coping skills from individuals who have been in their situation.

As recovery is a lifelong process, it is important to keep broad categories regarding drug treatment. Building a strong ongoing support network allows individuals to access professional help.

We encourage attendance at support groups as addiction affects people in many ways, and a quality and accessible aftercare programme is crucial to maintaining recovery in your normal life.

We also offer family therapy groups to help those surrounding you too! Family support is vital so that they can then support you when you come our of private care.

Replacement Medication

Various replacement medications can help with addiction recovery and reduce the severity of symptoms from withdrawal.

Replacement therapy is used for various addictions, such as prescription drug addiction, opioid addiction, and alcohol addiction. However, it may not be a plausible method for certain addictions like dual diagnosis.

Our luxury rehab will conduct a free addiction assessment to create a bespoke treatment programme. If our therapists feel a replacement medication will assist your recovery, they will add it to your addiction treatment.

If you wish to get professional help today, please contact us to complete our free confidential assessment. We will get back to you ASAP.

What is Drug Rehabilitation?

Drug rehabilitation is the process of medical and psychological intervention to eliminate any dependency on psychoactive substances, such as drugs. Like smoking cessation, rehab focuses on supporting individuals seeking to quit their addiction.

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Private addiction treatment and therapy can help many types of drug addiction, such as opioids, tobacco, prescription drugs, and alcohol. Treatment for drug addiction in residential rehab may include medication, counselling, and group therapy sessions to encourage recovery.

Individuals may seek drug and alcohol therapy to confront and prevent any psychological, legal, economic, social, or physical repercussions of their addiction.

We have various clinics in the UK, easily accessible from Scotland, Wales, Moyle and various other areas, so you can get the help you need.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction?

There are signs and symptoms of drug addiction that the individual and their family members can look out for. These include:

  • Needing to use drugs every day - often multiple times.

  • Having intense and undeniable cravings for the drug.

  • Needing to increase your drug intake to keep the same feeling of euphoria.

  • Ensuring you keep a topped-up supply of drugs.

  • Spending money you don't have to fund your addiction.

Private Drug Rehab in
  • Continuing to use drugs despite the negative consequences you are facing.

  • Taking unlawful action to access the drugs, such as stealing.

  • Engaging in risky activity under the influence of drugs, such as driving.

  • Failing to stop taking drugs despite it making your life much harder.

  • Experiencing severe and intolerable symptoms of withdrawal.

If you have experienced any of these side effects or symptoms, you may consider seeking a quality rehab for treatment and therapy. Drug rehab can help you start and maintain your recovery; you can access a new lease on life free from drugs.

Our premium rehab offers the best treatment and therapy programmes designed to give our patients the best chance at recovery. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about luxury rehab treatment.


What is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous is a group of recovering drug addicts that have formed a community to help others in a similar situation recover and start a new life away from drugs.

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They host physical and online meetings in Moyle across the UK, in most cities, to ensure that addicts can access support anytime. Often a NA group is recommended alongside treatment at a rehab facility.

How Long are Drug Rehab Programs?

The average length of a stay in a drug rehab programme is 30 days; however, the length of stay at rehab will depend on the following:

  • The severity of your condition.

  • Your mental and physical health.

  • The treatment you require.

  • The treatment plan you select.

  • Whether you can afford a longer stay.

Our team of qualified therapists can assess your condition and recommend a length of stay, but the choice is ultimately up to the individual.

What is the Success Rate of Drug Rehabs?

Around 80 per cent of drug addiction patients reported improved quality of life and better health after finishing a stay at a private drug and alcohol rehab.

A report published by the CDC and the National Institute on Drug Abuse 2020 suggested that 3 out of 4 people who experience addiction recover after they attend a quality inpatient rehabilitation centre.

Private Drug Rehab in

How Should I Prepare for Drug Rehab?

You can take many steps to prepare yourself for a stay at a treatment centre. Here are a few tips:

  • Ensure any distractions are dealt with before entering rehab, such as finances.

  • If you have questions, contact our experts, who will answer any queries.

  • Educate yourself on potential therapy pathways, so you know what to expect.

  • Spend time with loved ones before you enter the addiction treatment programme.

  • Avoid binging on drugs before you enter rehab, as this will make withdrawal harder.

  • Arrange any pet or childcare before you start addiction treatment.

  • Pack the essentials, such as journals, identification, health insurance details, photos of loved ones, reading materials, hygiene products, and clothes.

Private treatment and therapy help addicts face their triggers and recover; our entire team at our luxury rehab support every patient we receive and tries to give them the best chance at recovery and reduces relapses when at home in Moyle.

Can You Force Someone To Go To Rehab for Drug Addiction?

You cannot force your loved one to access treatment or enter a rehab centre unless they want to go themselves.

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You can encourage them to seek drug addiction treatment, but it will likely not be successful without their desire.

How Long Do Drug Users Live?

Depending on the severity of drug use, addicts could lose up to 10 to 30 years of their life if they don't stop. Certain drugs are perhaps more dangerous than others, with heroin having the highest death rate.

Even drugs like tobacco can have significant impacts on your health. If you want to improve your health and stick around for longer, it is wise to seek our quality addiction treatment.

Our rehabilitation centre focuses on our patient's mental and physical health and addresses the underlying causes and triggers.

What is Considered Long-term Use of a Drug?

Long-term drug use is when you need to use the drugs every day and fail to seek treatment or help for a significant amount of time.

Rather than just using drugs on the weekend, long-term use involves the individual accessing drugs many times a day; if you have used drugs long-term, the risk of developing health problems rises.

If you fear you have developed a drug addiction, you must access treatment before your health declines, and other negative consequences emerge.

Can Drugs Cause Permanent Brain Damage?

Excessive drug use can cause permanent brain damage; however, in many cases, brain complications will improve when the individual stops using the drugs.

It is important to access addiction treatment before it gets to the point of no return. Drugs can reduce your quality of life if they are continuously used.


Drug rehab provides treatment options for individuals struggling to quit their drug addiction; with professional help, addicts can access the best therapies and support.

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Each patient receives a bespoke treatment plan designed based on their unique situation. Our confidential rehab can assist with severe withdrawal symptoms, making it easier for individuals to detox than if they tried on their own.

With our state-of-the-art drug and private alcohol rehab facilities, you can start your recovery in a secure and safe environment. We have successfully helped many individuals in the same position as you recover and lead full lives.

If you are ready to start private treatment at a well-established and effective rehab away from your home in Moyle, contact our treatment providers of addiction treatment specialists.

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Our team can also help with the following addictions:

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