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Gambling addiction can affect an individual's relationships, mental health issues, and finances. Without seeking a premium gambling rehab, your addiction may spiral, and you could end up in serious debt.

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Gambling rehabilitation helps individuals in Isle of Wight break the cycle and recover in a secure and private setting with the guidance and support of professional addiction specialists.

You can stop your compulsive gambling with the help of a quality gambling addiction treatment programme. Contact our addiction counsellors to learn more about inpatient treatments at our luxury rehab.

What is a Gambling Addiction?

A gambling addiction, otherwise known as problem gambling or compulsive gambling, is the inability to stop gambling even when it is causing you a host of problems.

Compulsive gambling addicts seek out the adrenaline rush they get when they win big; however, their impulse control disorder makes it difficult to walk away when they lose.

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Like drug or alcohol addiction (, gambling addiction can have many adverse side effects, such as financial problems, poor mental health, and strained family relationships.

Many people engage in recreational gambling, but when you cannot stop gambling and spend money you do not have, you may have a gambling problem and should seek professional help.

Our confidential rehabilitation facility can help you manage damaging gambling habits and beat your destructive addiction for good.

Contact us today to complete your free addiction assessment and start your treatment for gambling addiction.

What is Gambling Rehab?

Gambling rehabilitation is an addiction treatment programme that allows compulsive gamblers to work through their need to gamble with professional addiction experts to find methods of controlling their urges and learning healthy coping mechanisms.

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Rehab will help you understand the underlying causes of your addiction and will teach you techniques to curve your desire to gamble. For example, many gamblers are unaware that betting odds always favour the corporation.

Without seeking luxury and private rehab clinic, you could have a huge financial burden and strained relationships with friends and family. Contact our team today to learn more about the facilities and costs of inpatient rehabilitation if you think you are a problem gambler.

Why is Gambling Rehabilitation Important?

If you have had a gambling addiction for a long time and have not been able to quit alone, residential treatment may be the support you need to change your behavioural addiction.

The recovery process can be harder without access to treatments, such as group therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The success rate for long-term recovery is higher for individuals that have received help from professionals.

Seeking treatment can help gamblers in Isle of Wight avoid financial difficulties; our holistic approach will help you heal physically, mentally and spiritually. Our rehab helps many with other addictions, and we create bespoke treatment programmes for all patients.

Our luxury rehabs provide addicts with a peaceful, safe, confidential, and supportive environment to heal and recover from addiction. Learn more about our team here:

What Gambling Treatment Options are there?

Many forms of therapy can help problem gamblers reclaim their independence and reduce the negative impact of their addiction.

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Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatments allow individuals to access therapies, such as self-help group sessions, daily rather than staying overnight at a facility.

The individual can still access support groups and behavioural therapies should they feel they may slip back into their problem gambling addiction.

Inpatient gambling addiction treatment programmes may be a better option if you have a compulsive betting issue, as you cannot experience a holistic environment if you remain at home.

Inpatient Rehab

With inpatient rehabilitation, individuals can immerse themselves in a clean and safe environment with the support of trained therapists.

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You will explore a treatment programme without the distractions and temptations of the outside world. You won't have access to any form of gambling which will allow you to detox and distance yourself from your addiction.

Gambling addiction treatment focuses on your difficulties; your treatment plan will never be the same as another patient, as we understand that every addiction is different.

Our first-class luxury rehab has various amenities to make your stay more enjoyable and to assist your recovery, such as a gym and spa with complimentary treatments, steam room, sauna, professional trainers, well-being exercise classes and more.

This rehab can be accessed easily from Scotland, Wales, Isle of Wight and various other areas across the UK.

Our therapists are fully qualified and registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists (BACP) and the Addiction Professionals Registration Body and Network, so you are in experienced hands.

What is the Cost of Gambling Rehabilitation?

Treating compulsive gambling costs around £7,000 for a month-long stay.

Private Gambling Rehab in

However, accurate costs will depend on the following factors:

  • The severity of the gambling problem

  • The length of your stay

  • The methods used to treat gambling addiction

  • Any other addictions you are facing

Contact our team of gambling addiction experts to learn more about the price of staying at our luxury rehabilitation facility.

How Long Does Rehab for Gambling Last?

Typically, individuals with gambling addictions should stay in rehab for at least a month; however, depending on the severity of their gambling addiction.

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Treating gambling addiction can be lengthy, and many individuals attend our confidential rehab for a few months to fully allow themselves to explore therapy and recover in a safe environment.

Do I Need Gambling Rehab?

If you struggle to control your gambling, you likely have a gambling addiction, but compulsive gambling can be considered a hidden illness.

Unlike an addiction to drugs and alcohol, individuals can hide a gambling addiction easier, as there are fewer physical signals. Gamblers may experience adverse side effects, such as stomach aches; however, gambling doesn't alter their state the same way drugs and substance abuse does.

There are other signs and symptoms of gambling addiction that you and your whole family in Isle of Wight should watch, especially during recovery.

What are the Symptoms of Gambling Addiction?

There are various symptoms of gambling addiction; these include:

  • Loss of interest in other hobbies.

  • Loss of close relationships between family, friends and loved ones.

  • Stealing money to afford to gamble. You may have committed illegal acts because of past gambling experiences.

  • Losing money gambling

  • Ignoring increasingly higher stakes and continuing to gamble.

  • Hiding how much money you have spent on gambling.

  • Denial that you have a gambling addiction.

  • You are experiencing desperate financial situations but cannot stop.

  • You get irritable if you cannot gamble.

  • You gamble to avoid other stressors or struggles in your life.

Other symptoms may be similar to other behaviour addictions, such as sex addiction If you are struggling with other behavioural addictions too, please make sure to get help as soon as possible.

If you feel you can relate to any of the above signs, you may have a gambling addiction and should seek professional help and addiction treatment.

How To Prevent Gambling Cravings

Avoiding problem gambling can be difficult and easier to face with the help of qualified therapists.

If you struggle to control your gambling, you should ensure you are rarely alone, as without being left unattended, it is easier to avoid any triggers, such as casinos. Call a friend or attend a Gamblers Anonymous UK meeting in Isle of Wight if you feel the urge to gamble.

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Another way to control problem gambling is to wait at least ten minutes after you feel the urge to see if the desire passes. Gambling may be a spur-of-the-moment action, so by consciously waiting for a small amount of time, it may be easier to dismiss.

When you feel you need to bet, it is important to remind yourself of the potential consequences and how the negative feelings of loss may outweigh the brief euphoria of winning.

The best way to recover is to seek gambling therapy; our confidential therapies are dedicated to helping you reclaim your life after your drug addiction, alcohol, or gambling addiction.

What Happens After You Leave Gambling Rehab?

Once you leave our luxury rehabilitation centre, you and your family members can access an alumni network for life. We know the importance of continued support, so we offer day treatment options to people who need further help.

We recommend that all our patients connect with a local Gamblers Anonymous or support group to continue their recovery once they leave residential treatment for gambling addiction.

With access to gambling and fixed odds betting terminals online, access to gambling can be too easy. You can block your membership to any online gambling sites or in-person casinos to eliminate the risk of relapse.

Recreational Gambling Versus Problem Gambling

Many people enjoy betting now and then, particularly on their favourite sports teams and big events; however, to enjoy betting recreationally means you understand you may win or lose, and you can easily stop before you lose significant money.

Problem gamblers believe they can beat the odds and win back significant losses by continuing to bet money. You may believe that a big win is coming or that you deserve to win.

You may feel guilt, shame, embarrassment, and denial, but you can take back your life by recognising your struggles and committing to confidential and private rehabilitation. Contact our team today to start your recovery journey at your home in Isle of Wight or at our rehab centre.


Phases of Gambling Addiction

The main stages of gambling addiction are as follows:

  • The winning phase - you win bets and feel euphoria.

  • The losing phase - you lose bets and money.

  • Desperation - you recognise your financial problems and need to get your funds back.

  • Hopelessness - the inability to win or earn money back makes you feel lost.

Our luxury treatment centres can help you get back on your feet and out of your despair. Treatment and therapy will teach you how to avoid triggers and re-establish your finances.

Private Gambling Rehab in

Can Cryptocurrency Trading Become a Gambling Addiction?

Yes, cryptocurrency trading has similar signs, symptoms, and problems as a gambling addiction. You can lose money and relations if you do not seek treatment for a cryptocurrency addiction.

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Our private rehabilitation centre can help you with cryptocurrency addiction; contact our expert therapists today.

How to Help Someone with a Gambling Addiction

You can help a loved one struggling with a gambling addiction by taking the following action:

  • Remain supportive and understanding of their illness.

  • Never make excuses for their behaviour.

  • Try not to get angry.

  • Try and encourage them to seek immediate confidential help.


Whether you visit casinos or have an online gambling addiction, it is always important and beneficial to seek quality help. If you have repeated unsuccessful efforts to stop gambling, you may want to take our free confidential assessment today.

Our private clinics allow you the space and support to learn triggers, find effective coping mechanisms and start a new life. Your family are permitted to visit, and we encourage participation in group therapies.

You do not have to face your betting addiction alone; many individuals in Isle of Wight in the UK experience similar struggles, so it is nothing to be ashamed of. Contact our team today to start premium gambling addiction treatment now.

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