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If you are struggling with addiction, consider checking into a private rehab facility. Our private rehab clinic has helped thousands of struggling individuals face their demons and overcome their addictions.

We implement harmless and effective treatments to help our residents, regardless of their type of addiction.

Our clinics are easily accessible from the South of England, Scotland, Limavady and various other areas across the UK.

Private care tends to have greater resources than NHS facilities, so if you are serious about kicking your addiction to the curb, contact our treatment providers!

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Why Choose Our Private Rehab Clinic?

Our expert rehab advisors have many years of experience working in high-quality treatment centres across the UK and are completely qualified for their unique roles.

We offer a range of cultivated services that target the root of your addiction and find effective solutions and methods of handling your withdrawal symptoms.

You will never be alone at our luxury facility; help is always on hand whenever you might need it. We understand that it won't always be smooth sailing, as addiction recovery isn't straightforward, but we will assist you with every step.

Our attentive team has been awarded 5-star reviews from previous residents who have combated their addictions with the help of our exclusive services. You can join them too!

Unlike the NHS, we know that one size does not fit all regarding addiction, so our treatments are made to suit the unique individual and their independent needs.


Our therapists are fully qualified and registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists (BACP) and the Addiction Professionals Registration Body and Network.

Our clinics are led by the most up-to-date clinical guidance from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), ensuring that our practice, managed by a clinical staff team 24/7, is the most effective and responsive it could be. 

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We are closely monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and in line with the most up-to-date Public Health England (PHE) and Department of Health & Social Care guidance.

How Much Does Private Rehab Cost?

On average, private rehab clinics cost around £2,000-£7,000 per stay.

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The accurate cost of your stay at our private rehab clinic will depend on various factors, including:

  • The length of your stay.

  • The treatment package you select.

  • The type of addiction you have.

  • The level of expert care and assistance you require.

  • The location of your rehab centre.

Make sure you also think about travel costs from where you are in Limavady to the rehab centre itself.

To gain a free quotation, get in touch with one of our trusted addiction advisors today. They can answer all of your questions before you commit to checking into our premium facility.

What’s Included In The Cost of Private Rehab?

The cost will include every aspect of your stay in our rehab centre, including your treatment, room, food, etc. You can pay for your clinical stay via various payment methods, such as payment plans and instalments.

We will always help you find an achievable way to pay for your stay, as no one should be left to face their addictions alone.

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While private rehab is more expensive than the NHS, you can start your treatment immediately, saving you money by helping you before your addiction starts to impact your employment.

To find a private rehabilitation centre accessible to you in Limavady, please contact us now.

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Benefits of Private Rehab Clinics

There are many benefits associated with checking into a private addiction rehab in the UK; these include the following:

  • Shorter waiting lists, as compared to the NHS.

  • Professional standard of clinical care and support.

  • Personalised treatment plans.

  • Immersive and supportive environment.

  • Greater choice of treatments to suit your unique condition.

  • Confidential and private.

  • Strong aftercare and support networks.

There are many benefits to staying at our private rehab centre; from the range of addiction treatment plans we offer to our tentative carers, you will receive the support you need.

Keep reading to learn more about the kinds of addiction we can treat at our private rehab centre!

What Addictions Do We Treat?

We can help treat a range of drug and alcohol addictions at our luxury residential rehab.

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These include:

  • Alcohol addiction

  • Anti-depressant addiction

  • Benzodiazepine addiction

  • Cannabis addiction

  • Cocaine addiction

  • Codeine addiction

  • Crystal meth addiction

  • Fentanyl addiction

  • GHB addiction

  • Heroin addiction

  • Ketamine addiction

  • Prescription Drugs

The list above notes a few, not all, of the addictions that we can help treat at our residential rehab clinic. Treating addiction can be hard on your own, so choose private rehab to tackle your alcohol and drug abuse issues before they take over your life entirely.

For information on how you can get help in Limavady, please contact our experienced team today.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Various signs and symptoms might highlight an addiction of some form.

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Symptoms and signs of addiction may include:

  • Drinking or taking drugs is the highlight or focus of your day.

  • You lie or hide your consumption.

  • You have driven while under the influence.

  • Your performance at work or school has been negatively impacted.

  • You experience mood swings or behavioural changes.

  • You suffer from withdrawal without your substance.

  • You have stolen from family or friends to fund your addiction.

  • You hide your vice around your home and in your car in case you need it.

  • You have tried to quit but failed.

  • The pain your addiction causes your family isn't even to make you stop.

If you start to recognise any of these symptoms in yourself or a loved one, you should consider seeking residential treatment as soon as possible.

What is a Private Rehab Clinic?

A private rehab is a facility that assists in treating a range of addictions, including drug and alcohol dependencies. Private clinics tend to be funded by the individual, their family, or private health insurance.

Typically, private rehabs focus on inpatient treatment rather than outpatient treatment, as they provide hands-on help and support. However, our drug and alcohol centre provides many private treatment options.

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The National Treatment Outcomes Research Study (NTORS) suggests that an individual with a drug or alcohol addiction may have the best chance of recovery after a stay at a private rehab.

So, if you are ready to start a treatment plan with addiction specialists, contact our team of addiction experts now and we will help you find a clinic near you in Limavady.

How Do I Get Referred to a Private Rehab Clinic?

You can start a referral to join one of our treatment programmes by calling our rehab advisors today. They will take a few details and match you with the right treatment plan.

Our addiction experts may need the following information:

  • The type of addiction

  • The level of your addiction

  • How long you have struggled with your addiction

  • Your general health and any mental health issues

  • Any other general conditions

Once we have these details, our team of qualified psychologists and medical staff will draw up a targeted treatment and aftercare programme.

Substance abuse does not have to rule your life. Many treatment centres like ours have helped thousands combat drug addictions; you can too.

What Is The Private Rehab Clinic Process?

In a private rehab, there are many stages to recovery; however, for drug and alcohol addiction, we may start you on a medicated detox. Medicated detoxes are designed to reduce potentially fatal withdrawals.

With a medicated detox, we replace the substance you have an addiction to, such as cocaine or heroin, with replacement medications.

Other treatments you will be subjected to include one-to-one therapy, group therapy and education. We encourage our residents to fully immerse in our recommended treatment programmes to help their recovery.

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Mental and physical health is crucial, so our residents can use our gym alongside therapy. Some of our locations have access to a luxury spa with complimentary treatments, a steam room, a sauna, professional trainers, well-being exercise classes, and more.

If this spa is not in your area in Limavady, we can help you work out the easiest way to travel to the clinic.

Environment In Private Rehab Clinics

One of the main benefits of private rehab is that you will receive more comfort and privacy than at rehab with your local NHS provider.

The facility is secure, structured and supervised; your treatment programme and the ongoing support of our staff will provide you with the best platform to tackle your substance addiction.

You are permitted from any unprescribed substances, and all of our institutions have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs or alcohol. Our clinics promote health and well-being as a focus rather than denial and lack of control.

Our support groups focus on providing empathy, shared experience, and respect among all of our residents.

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NHS VS Private Rehab

If you are considering entering a drug or alcohol rehab, you need to decide between a private rehab or an NHS rehab centre.

NHS Rehabilitation Programme

  • NHS treatment is free in Limavady.

  • Long waiting lists; you may be waiting for 24 months before admission.

  • Effective but limited therapy options.

  • Patients will likely meet with a broad range of staff.

  • You will be removed from the programme if you relapse.

  • Staff must abide by the Mental Health Act so family may be contacted if you are deemed a risk.

  • Lack of privacy and no family visits.

  • Shared accommodation.

Private Rehab Programme

  • Often costly, you may end up paying over £10,000.

  • Same-day admissions and 28-day terms for immediate help.

  • Wide range of therapies, including meditation.

  • Specialists and dedicated doctors focus on underlying causes.

  • Confidential and private.

  • Strong aftercare plan and readmission if you relapse.

  • Family therapy options.

  • Private rooms allow you to be fully immersed in drug and alcohol therapy.

  • Bespoke rehab programmes after free confidential assessment.


Is Private Rehab The Right Choice For Me?

Private rehab to help individuals stop drinking or taking drugs has the best success rates, much higher than online or outpatient treatments.

The NHS rehab uses a standard treatment programme for every client; however, private rehab treatment is tailored to fit the unique individual. For example, a Methadone withdrawal program is not suitable for everyone suffering from opioid addiction.

Addiction treatment at private drug rehab will focus on any underlying causes of your alcohol or drug addiction to ensure you aren't left with an unmanageable health condition.

Contact our admissions team now if you are interested in staying at a private drug and alcohol rehab. Our private addiction rehab is here to help you.

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What Does Our Aftercare Service Entail?

Once you leave our private drug and alcohol rehab, we will provide you with the best aftercare programme available. Our support doesn't stop simply because you have left the centre.

We host group therapy sessions for all forms of alcohol and drug addiction so that you can discuss your struggles in a room of supportive peers.

Our private rehabilitation centres are always open to welcoming back previous residents that still need some help; there is no shame in re-entering our private drug and alcohol facilities.

We also offer outpatient treatments, medical assistance, sober-living houses, support groups, home detoxes in Limavady and day programmes to help you keep on the straight and narrow.

How Long Does Private Rehab Treatment Take?

On average, treatment will last from one to three months, with a minimum of four to six weeks recommended by addiction experts.

Your unique treatment programme may vary in length depending on the different treatments included in your plan.

Personal circumstances may mean you must extend your stay to focus on your health or psychological symptoms. Your long-term recovery is our priority, so you can always request an extension on your premium stay.

What Withdrawal Symptoms Might I Face?

You may experience withdrawals in the form of:

  • Sweating

  • Vomiting

  • Increased heart rate

  • Tremors

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

If you experience any of these symptoms throughout your stay at the private drug addiction rehab, speak with an advisor or doctor.

We will teach you ways to handle your withdrawal and will support you as your power through. The first few weeks tend to be the hardest, but our addiction treatment assistants will be there to help.

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Can My Family Visit Me During Private Rehab?

We encourage our residents to invite their family members to join them in therapy at the addiction treatment centre, as we know how addiction can strain families.

Talking through any deep-rooted issues with your closest friends and family can help promote continued recovery once you leave the facility.

Visitors must be approved and registered before attending the facility to ensure the safety and acceptance of our residents. For example, if a patient does not want a certain individual to visit them, we must respect their wishes.

Some of our treatments offered will include group therapy to help mend the family unit and improve family dynamics that may have contributed to the addiction.

How Long Is The Waiting List For Private Rehab Centres?

We try to get patients admitted within 2 to 4 weeks maximum, as we know that without treatment, struggling addicts can spiral even further and cause damage to themselves and others.

Our private drug and alcohol rehabs can even take individuals within 24 hours if funding and availability coincide. Individuals paying through health insurance may need to contact their private healthcare company before being admitted.

What Addictions Can We Help With?

Our team can offer help for a number of addictions. These include:


Our luxury private addiction treatment centre provides various treatment options to individuals struggling to combat their addictions alone. We give indispensable support to every one of our residents.

Our extensive alumni programme allows you to access fitness classes, spa treatments, meditations, and quality therapies. In a supportive environment, you will learn to focus on a brighter future free from addiction.

We will ensure you are comfortable when you stay at our drug and alcohol rehab. Our exclusive aftercare team are always on hand as a support system, even when you leave.

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Speak to our admissions team today to start your journey to recovery. You don't have to stay in addiction forever; we can help!

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